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Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Personnel Office (APO) is to support UC Merced's success by facilitating the recruitment, appointment, advancement and retention of the most qualified and diverse faculty, instructors and research personnel.  APO is responsible for the provision of guidance, training, analysis and interpretation of university and campus academic personnel policies and procedures, implementing appropriate safeguards and ensuring adherence to affirmative action principles and other university, state and federal regulations.

The office manages compensation/payroll processes for academic employees and supports the provost/executive vice chancellor in managing and tracking faculty provisions. APO coordinates and facilitates the approval process for all other academic personnel-related activities including: requests for leaves and sabbaticals, family accommodations, conflict of commitment pre-approvals, summer salary, ASE child care reimbursements, multi-location agreements and exceptions to policy.

APO interprets, implements and advises the campus concerning collective bargaining agreements covering academic employees.  The office is also the administrator of online and other electronic resources and data management systems related to academic personnel (e.g., Digital Measures, AP Recruit) in addition to serving as the office of record for academic personnel files.  APO responds to requests for reports and information related to academic personnel and payroll at both the campus and system wide levels.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Provide oversight of the academic personnel processes for all academic appointees, ensuring that appropriate safeguards, policies and regulations are maintained.
  • Serve as a campus resource for all aspects of academic personnel related activity, including development and implementation of academic personnel policies and procedures.
  • Develop and deliver training to various campus constituencies to maximize skills, knowledge and abilities.
  • Serve as the campus liaison to the Office of the President with regard to academic personnel issues.
  • Oversee all academic appointee recruitment activity and existing faculty provisions.
  • Coordinate dean reviews on behalf of the provost/executive vice chancellor.
  • In collaboration with Human Resources-Labor Relations, interpret, implement and advise the campus concerning collective bargaining agreements covering academic employees.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the approval process for academic related activity including requests for leaves and sabbaticals, family accommodations, and exceptions to policy.
  • Serve as the office of record for academic personnel files, reporting and information.



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