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2022-23 Academic Salary Program

May 20, 2022


Overview of the 2022-23 Program

  • The overall salary scales for policy-covered academic appointees will be raised by 4% and will include modest smoothing to the scales to continue consistent increments between steps.
  • The annual academic merit review process to determine reappointments, as well as adjustments in rank and step, will continue.
  • Above-scale salaries will have their salary adjusted by the same amount as the Step 9 on-scale salary. For example, Above Scale Professors paid on Table 1 will have their total salary increased by $7,300. Professors paid on Table 3 will have their total salary increased by $7,900.
  • In line with established processes, the effective date is July 1, 2022 or October 1, 2022 depending on the academic appointee group or effective the first pay period commencing thereafter for biweekly paid appointees.
  • The faculty general range adjustment and the Special Salary Equity Program will be effective October 1, 2022.
  • The scales for policy covered non-faculty academic appointees (which includes non-represented librarians and academic researchers) will be increased by a general range adjustment of 4% on July 1, 2022 for monthly paid or July 10, 2022 (the first pay period commencing after July 1, 2022) for biweekly paid academic appointees (the precise amount will vary due to rounding). Scales with ranges will be increased in a similar fashion. Note: salary scales for policy covered project scientists and specialists will be adjusted where needed to maintain parity with corresponding represented salary scales.
  • Deans and other full-time faculty administrators will be eligible for up to a 4% increase to be awarded for meritorious performance as determined at the campus level, effective July 1, 2022.
  • Academic titles not tied to systemwide salary scales or ranges will be eligible for an increase up to 4% as determined at the campus level, effective July 1, 2022.
  • Off-scale salary components will remain unchanged.


Special Salary Equity Program for policy-covered faculty

While the 4% range adjustment will help address the salary gap in competitiveness with the Comparison 8 Peers, this Special Salary Equity Program is designed to address equity issues and aligns with the following principles:

  • The Rank and Step personnel process has served UC well over decades with respect to excellence and equity. Every advancement is the result of a rigorous merit review conducted by multiple communities of academic peers and administrators.
  • Competitive salaries, transparently and equitably set, are instrumental in recruiting and retaining the excellent and diverse faculty vital to developing and maintaining the innovation and excellence of our academic programs.
  • An equitable salary program is a signal to ALL faculty that UC values their work, throughout the range of their careers (and not just in response to market forces at the time of the initial hire or in cases of retention).
  • Providing salaries that are equitable, particularly by gender and race/ethnicity, continues to be important and campuses should address such issues of salary equity as a first priority. Faculty at lower steps or with small off-scale increments are also expected to be reviewed as a part of this program.


Details of the 2022-23 Special Salary Equity Program at UC Merced are as follows:

  • UC Merced will dedicate 1% of 2021-22 base pay for policy-covered faculty eligible for this program. Any equity issues for faculty salary on non-state funds will be funded by non-state funds.
  • The Special Salary Equity Program should address equity, compression, and/or inversion issues.