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Outside Activities Tracking System (OATS)

Welcome to the OATS portal page!

OATS supports the required collection, review, approval, and annual reporting of the outside professional activities subject to University policy.

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What is OATS?

The Outside Activities Tracking System (OATS) is a multi-campus collaboration intended to facilitate the collection, review, and reporting of faculty outside professional activities that are subject to the University of California's Conflict of Commitment policies: APM 025, APM 240, APM 246. 

The system also helps to broaden understanding around the University's conflict of commitment policies, support compliance requirements, and improve reporting capabilities.

Accounts are created when a new faculty member arrives at UC Merced.  Campus users login via the UCM OATS portal with their UCM NetID and password. Questions regarding your OATS account can be sent to

The following requests and reporting will be routed through OATS for review and approval:

• Requests to engage in an APM 025 Category I activity
• Requests to involve students in an outside professional activity
• Report and record time engaged in APM 025 Category I and II activities
• Annually certify outside professional activities that are subject to APM 025, 240, and 246*

The annual reporting period is July 1 through June 30. Senate faculty, deans and full-time faculty administrators are required to certify and submit their activities by September 30.

Visit the Resources page to access training dates and materials.

For more information about the initiative and project, visit the UC OATS website. You can also watch the two-minute UC OATS Introduction video.