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Faculty Equity Advisors (FEA)

Faculty Equity Advisors

In the Academic Year of 2015-2016, the Academic Senate appointed Faculty Equity Advisors (FEAs), who will work with search committees to ensure they follow recognized best practices to help develop a diverse applicant pool. One FEA per school was appointed, as well as one FEA to handle cluster hire searches arising from the Strategic Academic Focusing Initiative. The FEAs will serve as advisors to the search, helping with the search plan and evaluation criteria; they will also provide advice on resources that might be shared with candidates at the time of interviews. In other words, they support search committees to ensure we have diverse candidate pools, which will in turn lead to a more diverse faculty. We have modeled our program on those in operation on other UC campuses.

FEAs are appointed by the Senate Committee for Diversity and Equity, the school deans, and the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, and undergo training to help them support their colleagues in this important task. 


Academic Years 2021-2023 FEAs:

Professor Michele Nishiguchi, SNS

Associate Professor Josué Medellín-Azuara, SOE

Associate Professor Anna Song, SSHA


Former Faculty Equity Advisors