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Graduate and Lecturer Academic Appointment System - GLAAS

GLAAS (Graduate and Lecturer Academic Appointment System)

Developed "in house" in Fall 2014, in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology, Graduate Division, School of Engineering, and the Academic Personnel Office, GLAAS has been able eliminate processing over 2,000 academic appointments via paper.  GLAAS' workflow system has allowed for our campus to retain our sustainability efforts by allowing the system to process single appointments through workflow, with feeding into a Database for Personnel Management as the final step.  There is a dedicated GLAAS Workgroup, and GLAAS Governance Board designed to faciliate, manage and approve enhacements to the system.

Academic Appointees in GLAAS

Currently, GLAAS supports the following appointments:
Unit 18 Lecturers
Teaching Assistants/Fellows
Graduate Student Researchers

*coming soon: Tutors

GLAAS Access

GLAAS access is designed for departmental staff and faculty who would need access to manage, and approve academic appointments.  To request access to GLAAS, please contact