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Senate Faculty Leave

Senate Faculty Members

Provided below is general information for Senate faculty members. Additional information is provided in Section V of the Academic Personnel Manual.

Sick Leave/Medical Leave
Faculty members do not accrue sick leave. However, eligible faculty members shall be granted paid medical leave for periods of personal illness, injury, or disability in accordance with APM 710

A sabbatical leave is a special university privilege. A faculty member is (partially) paid while on sabbatical for a period of intense scholarly activity and intellectual renewal. According to University of California policy, a faculty member must not engage in substantial non-scholarly activity during a sabbatical leave. This includes receiving payment from another institution to teach or to perform consulting (the latter is being revisited, with the likely outcome that "normal" constraints on outside consulting will be enforced, i.e., no more than one day per week, etc.). In particular, it is inappropriate to use a sabbatical to engage in significant commercial activity such as a new business formation (APM 740 / MAPP).

Industrial Leave without Pay
This is when a faculty member goes to work for an outside commercial entity for a limited time period. It is the appropriate way to engage in business formation if a faculty member's outside activities exceed the one day per week guideline as established by university policy. Faculty members have also taken leave without pay to accept payment for teaching and administrative duties at other institutions of higher learning. NOTE: leaves without pay have implications for the individual's retirement. It is the responsibility of faculty members to understand these implications before requesting such a leave.

Government Service
This typically involves the government's Interagency Personnel Act (IPA), under which university employees are paid their normal salary to serve in government through a contract let between the government and their home institution. While on leave for government service, the faculty member continues to gain years of service for the university's retirement program, but does not accrue semester credits towards sabbaticals.

Research Leave
This is when a faculty member uses extramural funding to obtain release from some fraction of his/her teaching duties in order to pursue a period of intensive research. Research leaves are normally pursued in residence, but are often combined with a partial sabbatical leave and are spent somewhere other than on campus.

Administrative Leave
A special leave when a faculty member takes on substantial administrative duties for a department, the campus or the university. Many of the leadership positions within the university include administrative leave by tradition, providing service in lieu of teaching.

Other Leaves - with or without pay
Leaves without pay for other good cause may be granted to academic appointees. Such leaves must not exceed one year in length.