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Graduate Student

Graduate student titles include Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) and titles represented under the Academic Student Employee (ASE) bargaining agreement (Teaching Assistant, Teaching Fellow, Reader, and Tutor).

Working as a graduate student appointee provides the opportunity to gain professional experience.

To be eligible for an appointment the individual must be a full-time UC Merced graduate student enrolled in an adequate program of study and must maintain good academic standing.

Appointments are limited to no more than a one-year service period and an FTE of no more than 50 percent during the academic year. A graduate student may hold a TA and/or TF position for up to a combined total of 12 semesters, including appointments at other UC campuses.

Detailed information is available at:

As per Senate Regulation 750 B1, graduate students must be individually authorized by Graduate Council to teach upper division courses. This policy establishes the criteria and procedures by which such appointments are reviewed and approved. The procedure is designed to be completed within 30 days of receiving a request.

Graduate Council and Undergraduate Council have endorsed this policy. These documents can be found on the Senate Website under Graduate Instruction & Mentoring.

Childcare Reimbursement Program

Child Dependent Health Premium Benefit Program

Academic Student Employee (ASE) Supplemental Resources

Please click here to access supplemental resources as an Academic Student Employee