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Academic Titles

Senate Faculty

Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer SOE/PSOE, and Acting

Non-Senate Faculty Unit 18 Lecturers 

Unit 18 Lecturer

Post-Doctoral Scholar

Postdoctoral Scholar Employee, Postdoctoral Scholar - Fellow, Postdoctoral Scholar - Paid Direct

Graduate Student

Graduate Student Researcher, Teaching Assistant, Teaching Associate, Teaching Fellow, Reader, Tutor


Librarians and Associate University Librarians


Visiting and Adjunct

Visiting Assistant/Associate/Full Professors, and Adjunct Assistant/Associate/Full Professors


Academic Coordinators




Visiting Scholars


Courtesy and WOS Appointments

Research Associate, Research Fellow, Visiting Scholar, Visiting Graduate Student, Visiting Undergraduate Student, Research Series WOS, Visiting Professional Researcher, Project Scientist or Specialist, Adjunct Professor WOS, Educator WOS, Affiliated Status (IDM), Volunteer (not an academic title)


Emeritus and Recall Appointments


Recommended Principles of Authorship