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Summer Session

Lecturer in Summer Session

This title is used to designate Non-Senate Faculty (NSF) Unit 18 Lecturers appointed on a temporary basis to teach courses in the Summer Session. Summer Session appointments do not count as Unit 18 semesters of service.  The payroll title code given to NSF in this series is 1550 - Lecturer in Summer Session.  

Recruitment Process for Summer Session

Non-Senate Faculty (NSF) who wish to teach during Summer Session must apply to an open recruitment via APRecruit.  Non-Senate Faculty may apply to multiple recruitments as each school/Program at UC Merced may post different recruitments, including but not limited to discipline specific postings.  UC Merced currently has three (3) schools - School of Natural Sciences, School of Engineering, and School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, and the Karen D. Merritt Writing Program.  Recruitments are typically posted during early Spring semester of the previous academic year.  Postings will indicate required qualifications and documents for applying to teach during Summer Session.  In addition to an advance degree requirement for all NSF teaching appointments (MS/MA/Ph.D., or Professional Degree), required documents may include:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover Letter
  • Statement of Teaching
  • Statement of Diversity
  • References

Dependent on discipline, additional materials may be requested.

Postings last for a minimum of 14 days and may extend throughout the summer.  Typically, candidates will be required to participate in an interview process as part of the selection review.  Once the recruitment process is complete, the offer and hiring process will begin.

Offer for Summer Session Employment

A school faculty member or staff member will contact the applicant via email or telephone to offer employment at UC Merced for the Summer Session.  The Summer Session contract offer will be based on course availability and curricula needs.  Once an applicant has accepted an offer at UC Merced for the Summer Session the school will be in contact with the applicant regarding the appointment process.  The appointment process is electronic, and the NSF will be asked to check their UC Merced email (once established) for important contract and compensation information.

Appointment & Compensation for Lecturer in Summer Session

UC Merced utilizes the Graduate and Lecturer Academic Appointment System (GLAAS) to formally appoint NSF.  This system is utilized by school personnel and documents are emailed to the appointee via this system.  An NSF will receive an appointment letter and other supplemental material through this system to their UCM email.

Summer Session Compensation

During Summer Session, UC Merced will compensate NSF's via by-agreement (BYA) payments.  BYA payments are not considered "covered compensation" for determining University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) benefits, as noted in Article 23 A.2, "By-agreement payments do not provide for retirement or benefits except as otherwise required by law".

As per the MOU, Article 23.C, Summer Session compensation will be based on the annual salary of the NSF as of June 30 of the calendar year in which Summer Session begins.

UC Merced compensates NSF based on the same percentage of salary provided to Senate Faculty.  

Based upon the number of units for the courses assigned, NSF will be compensated by the following:

Table 1: Summer Session ninths
Number of Units Number of Ninths
1-2 .25/9ths - .75/9ths
3-4 1/9th

Example of Ninth Calculation

Courses offered = 3 discussion sections weighted at 16.7% each, and 1 Lecturer Section weighted at 50% in Summer Session
Summer Ninths conversion = 16.7% x 3 = 50% = 1/9th, 50% x 1 = 50% = 1/9th, equals a total of 2/9ths for Summer Session

Calculation of Summer Session payments is based upon the number of working days for each month and compensation is calculated by the Academic Personnel Office.

For Summer Session Information, including dates, please visit the Summer Session Website

The maximum number of ninths that an NSF may use for Summer Session is 3/9ths total for all Summer Sessions, and no more than 2/9ths during any given Summer Session.  For example: an NSF may have 1/9th in Summer Session A, and 2/9ths in Summer Session B.  Overlapping of Summer Session may occur and will not affect the Summer Session 2/9ths maximum rule.

For comments/questions, please email the Academic Personnel Office at