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About APO

UC Merced's Academic Personnel Office (APO) oversees all personnel processes for academic appointees, especially recruitment, advancement, leaves, and retention.  We ensure that such processes align with University of California policies, and update policies as needed.  

APO supports the successes of UC Merced’s academic appointees, especially in their contributions to research, teaching, service, as well as in diversity, equity, and inclusion. As part of this, we host events for faculty that focus on opportunities for professional advancement, preparing for tenure review, addressing conflict and climate issues, and best practices in leadership, for instance, for department chairs. We work closely with deans, department chairs, the Provost, as well as other campus leaders, and the Academic Senate on AP matters. 

We also help manage matters of faculty conduct, conflict, and compliance, with other offices, including the CARE Office.  Please see our mission statement and main goals and objectives. Our office also does basic research on various facets of AP actions and academic life, motivated by an interest in identifying gaps and improving efficiency.