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GLAAS Governance Board

GLAAS Governance Board

The GLAAS Governance Board represents stakeholders acorss UC Merced who would represent their area in voting for enhancements.  The GLAAS Governance Board was handpicked by Academic Deans, and Vice Chancellors.  

GLAAS Governance Board Members

Name Department/Unit
Eric Cannon Graduate Division
Tessa Easley Division of Undergraduate Education
Anna Boyanovsky Sponsored Projects - Research Adminisration
Phil Cunningham Office of Registrar - Banner
Paul Roberts School of Natural Sciences
Rebecca Smith                                      School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
Andrea McDowell Payroll Services
Fernando Reynoso AP Recruit
*TBD School of Engineering


Ex-officio Voting Members

Liz Soria Academic Personnel Office - Chair & Convener
Kim Yanogacio Academic Personnel Office - Co-Chair/Secretary 
Raj Panneer Selvam Office of Information Technology - Co-Chair GLAAS Tech Team
Mohammed Zaidi Office of Information Technology - GLAAS Tech Team
Roger Borges Office of Information Technology - GLAAS Tech Team
Matthew Faulkner Office of Information Technology - GLAAS Tech Team

Meeting Details

Minutes - forthcoming
Dates - To Be Determined