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Recommended Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

This training can be taken online or attend to the live theater production training. All employees who supervise others are required to complete sexual harassment prevention training every two years.  All faculty have been identified as having supervisory authority for the purposes of this law, and as such, are required to receive the training. New supervisors must complete this training within six months of assuming supervisory responsibilities. This is mandated by State Assembly Bill 1825 which went into effect in 2005. Supervisors may meet this requirement by completing the online course described below or by attending the live production on Sexual Harassment Prevention held each year.

Live Production

TO REGISTER: Log in to the UC Learning Center using your UC Merced Net ID.  Type “SHP” in the search box.  Select the course you are interested in, click “Register”, check the box next to the class and session that fits your schedule, click “Submit”. The Live Production is typically offered once a year in December.

OnLine Course

The UC Office of the President assigns an online version of this course to supervisors and faculty. Employees who believe they are due for this training may log in to the UC Learning Center.  If you have been assigned this course, it will appear to you in Assigned Activities on the Learner Home Page.

More information related to sexual harassment prevention can be found at


UC Ethical Values and Conduct (available online only)

This ethics training is available via an online course that usually takes about 30 minutes to complete and aims to increase awareness of UC’s Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct and related rules. The online course features various scenarios on such issues as:

•  Favoritism in hiring or contracting

•  Using the university’s resources for side jobs

•  Charging work to the wrong grant fund

Beyond integrity and accountability, the university also commits iteself to respect for the rights and dignity of others.  This online training course explains what is expected of employees and what they are obligated to do with respect to ethical and complain behavior, how the univeristy's ethical values and standards of ethical conduct apply to work life, and how to report suspected noncomplialnce.

Both trainings are assigned online at the UC Learning Center to new hires that are required to take these trainings. The UC Learning Center will send them reminder e-mails to complete both trainings. Each e-mail includes a link to the online courses, and if employees take the course that way, the university will know automatically, when the training requirement has been fulfilled.

Recommended eCourses for all faculty/academic appointees:

•  Information Security Awareness

•  Ergonomics for Computer Users

Additional Trainings and Workshops


Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning

Each semester the Center provides a variety of workshops focused on different aspects of teaching and learning.

Teaching and Technology

The Teaching and Technology Series introduces faculty (Senate and Non-Senate), post-doc scholars, graduate students, and instructional staff to current and emerging technologies that can enhance teaching and learning.  Graduate students looking to fulfill the professional requirements of their school or the Center's Instructional Internship program can get credit for their attendance upon submission of a brief reflection within one week of event offering.

Faculty Seminar Series with Certificate

The Faculty Seminar Series is open to all faculty (Senate and Non-Senate), postdoctoral scholars, and instructional staff. To qualify for a certificate, participants are required to 1) attend one practicum workshop in July, August, or January, 2) attend 4 additional workshops during the academic year, and 3) submit a final project (e.g., newsletter article, faculty guide, etc.).

Center Colloquium

Each semester, the Center plans to host a Center Colloquium event that will bring faculty and graduate students together to discuss broad issues relating to teaching and learning.

For more information visit the CETL website.


Research Safety Program

UC Merced is committed to providing a safe laboratory environment for its faculty,  staff, students and visitors. The goal of the Research Safety Program is to minimize the  risk of injury or illness to laboratory workers by ensuring that they have the training, information, support and equipment needed to work safely in the laboratory. All individuals who work with hazardous chemicals in science and engineering laboratories are obligated to comply with the Lab Standard. Work with chemicals outside of laboratories is covered by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.

For additional information visit the Research Safety Program website.


Environmental Safety Trainings

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety offers training to UCM faculty, staff, and students in a variety of safety topics. Our university is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. Receiving safety training is a major component of this goal. It is the responsibility of Supervisors, Managers, and Principal Investigators to identify job specific hazards, to provide job specific safety training, and to require employees under his/her authority to participate in EH&S lead training.

Job specific training must be provided:

•  During a new employee’s initial orientation.

•  When major aspects of a job change·        

•  New materials or hazards are introduced to the work place

For additional information about the EH&S trainings please visit the EH&S website