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Assistant Professor External Mentoring Program

What is the Assistant Professor External Mentoring Program?

It can be very helpful for assistant professors to identify mentors at both UC Merced and other campuses. To assist with the development of mentoring relationships with off-campus faculty, the Assistant Professor External Mentoring Program provides up to $1,500 in one-time* reimbursement funds for pre-tenure faculty to meet with an external faculty mentor at the home campus of the mentor, a professional conference, or at UC Merced.

This visit can be used to plan future seminars, talks and/or networking opportunities. It is recommended that, following the in-person visit, mentors and mentees establish a regular meeting time via phone or video communication.

Assistant professors should consult with their Department Chair when selecting an external mentor. Mentors from other UC campuses are strongly encouraged.

Please note that due to California Assembly Bill 1887, some states are subject to a ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel, which applies to this program’s funding.

How do I access these funds?

Step 1: Fill out and submit the form below.

Step 2: The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel will provide email approval and further instructions, typically within five business days.

Step 3: If you are traveling to your mentor’s campus or to a professional conference, you will be directed to complete a reimbursement request with CBS2. If your mentor is traveling to UC Merced, they will receive instructions on how to complete their own reimbursement request.

Assistant Professor External Mentoring Program Application

Things to remember:

  • In order to be eligible for reimbursement, your application must be submitted and approved prior to travel occurring. All travel reimbursement requests (with any required documentation) must be submitted to CBS2 for processing by May 15, 2023.
  • All travel expenses, including airfare, hotel, car rental, gas, mileage, and meals (for mentor and mentee) must meet UCOP and UC Merced travel policies. If you or your mentor have questions about a specific travel policy or want to know whether an expense is reimbursable, please let us know prior to travel by emailing

*Assistant Professors may receive reimbursement through this program for one trip per academic year