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UCOP letter regarding comprehensive bargaining update for ASEs and GSRs - Dec. 7, 2022

To: All campus

Dec. 7, 2022


To the Campus Community:


The University of California released information this afternoon with more details regarding the continued negotiations with UAW. Below is an excerpt from the communication, along with a link to the full communication with comprehensive charts and bulleted negotiation points explaining the University's current negotiation offer.


Bargaining Update for ASEs and GSRs 1


As you know, UC is currently in contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW) on new contracts for UC Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) and Academic Student Employees (ASEs). The University has made what it believes are very generous offers — offers that not only recognize the vital role you and your colleagues play at UC but also respond to union and bargaining unit members’ priorities, such as wages, transportation, respectful work environment, and support for families. It is our goal to get to resolution as quickly as possible to ensure that you and your colleagues are supported in your professional and academic pursuits.


UC recently presented the UAW with a comprehensive package proposal to reach a Tentative Agreement and complete bargaining, and it is critically important that you know the offer on the table.


UC’s wage proposals effectively provide that by Oct. 1, 2024, total compensation (base salary, campus fees, and childcare reimbursement) — for 50%-time employment — would range from $46,757 to $74,798 (depending on the bargaining unit title and campus), not including the value of paid leaves, transit benefits, and health benefits. This includes UC covering 100% of campus fees for eligible ASEs/GSRs and amounts to $13,707 to $22,248, depending on the campus.



Click here to read the full communication with complete details of the University negotiation offer.