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Provost & EVC Camfield's letter to the campus community about the end of semester and strike negotiations - Dec. 5, 2022

To: All Campus

Dec. 5, 2022


Dear University Community:


As the semester comes to a close and after months of earnest good faith negotiations, regretfully, we still find ourselves in the midst of the UAW strike. Acknowledging the uncertainty and challenges surrounding the strike, we remain hopeful that a resolution will be reached in negotiations being handled by the University of California, Office of the President.


While negotiations continue, UC Merced is committed to continuing the mission of the university and ensuring the implementation of strategies to assist in protecting our students and their academic standing. The university also respects the protected activities of our employees. Our ability to attract and enroll top talent is core to UC’s teaching and research missions.


As of now, we expect most classes to remain as scheduled through the end of the semester, offices will be open, and the campus will provide normal services until winter curtailment. Students should continue attending their classes as usual and completing any scheduled assignments or exams. Faculty, please refer to the communications previously sent regarding grading and grade submissions for the semester. Updates related to the strike can be found on the university’s website.


We will continue to seek ways to reduce anxiety and stress related to the strike.


Thank you all for your continued commitment to the university’s mission, vision, and values. A special thank you to our faculty and academic advisors for your dedication to assisting our students – you are vital not only to their success, but also to the success of the university.




Gregg Camfield, Ph.D.

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost