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Provost Camfield message to faculty regarding teaching graduate students - Nov. 20, 2022

To: Faculty
Nov. 20, 2022


Many faculty members have reached out to their chairs, deans, and me about a letter they have received from campus UAW representatives. The letter tells faculty that, by having graduate students continue with their studies, they are breaking the law. It implies that they will be held personally accountable. Many faculty members have expressed fear and want a clear statement of what, in fact, their responsibilities are and whether or not the UAW’s claims are true.

While it is true that the UAW has FILED an unfair labor complaint on this ground, that complaint is filed by the union against the university over our fundamental disagreement about what constitutes employment vs. study. The university’s position is that performance of educational activity for credit is to go forward unimpeded during the strike. A strike, by definition, is withholding PAID labor. This complaint has not been adjudicated, nor have we been enjoined by any court or legitimate authority. We are therefore not only within our rights but also have a responsibility to our students to maintain educational continuity.

Faculty performing their teaching duties as defined by the Academic Personnel Manual and under the direction of the university will be defended by the university. 

Regarding communicating with students about their education, our position remains the same: faculty may communicate with striking students regarding educational activities.

If you need additional guidance regarding communicating with the students about their educational activities, please feel free to reach out to


Gregg Camfield, Ph.D.
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost