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EVC and Provost Camfield, Vice Provost and Dean Frey and Registrar Webb's message to faculty regarding grade submission deadlines - Dec. 2, 2022

Dear Faculty,


We want to provide a brief update on grade submission deadlines for the semester.


The campus will be following the regular grade submission deadline for Fall 2022 (Tuesday, 12/20 at noon). However, we realize some instructors may need additional time due to TA participation in the strike. If you would like to request a little extra time to complete your fall grades, please utilize this link: . Completion of this brief webform allows the Registrar’s Office to plan appropriately for between term logistics work and informs various academic progress reviews.


Note that we have opted to extend the grade deadline for individual instructors rather than shift the entire timeline for between semester academic records work. Of the 895 lecture courses for Fall 2022, 24% of classes have attached TA-led discussions or labs (though additional courses utilize readers).


Thanks for your help in supporting our end-of-term academic assessments in these challenging circumstances.




Gregg Camfield, Ph.D.

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost


Sarah Frey, Ph.D.

Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Education


Erin Webb

University Registrar