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AP Recruit FAQ

When do we have to start using AP Recruit for our recruitments?

A:  As of July 1, 2013 all new postings will be in AP Recruit and and the current application system, PAW's.  Applicants will continue to apply to listings from the UC Merced Jobs page, but will be directed to AP Recruit to complete an application.  Any postings before July 1, 2013 will remain in PAW's and the recruitment process will remain unchanged.

What titles are covered by AP Recruit?

A:  All academic titles - professor series, lecturers, academic coordinators, specialists, project scientists, researchers and teaching assistants.

Will we continue to use paper forms for academic recruitment packets?

A:  The current process will only continue for recruitments posted before July 1, 2013

How do I request access to use AP Recruit?

A:  Please submit your job posing request form.  Access will be give to staff, committee chairs and committee members by the APO office.  Once assigned you will sign in to AP Recruit with your UCMNetID and password.

Will training be provided?

A:  Yes, staff have already been familiarizing themselves with the system.  Additional training will be provided for staff and committees at the start of the recruitment cycle.  Emails will be sent out so that a member of the APO staff can attend the first committee meeting for training and additional training may be provided upon request.

Who do I contact if I have questions about using AP Recruit?

A:  Please email us at or call 209-228-7948

How are applicants notified if they are not selected for an interview?

A: As of yet, there is no notification sent out to those who were not selected for an interview.  This has been requseted and may be a feature added to AP Recruit in the future.  Currently, analysts are able to download name and addresses of those on the applicant list.  AP Recruit builds a .csv file that can be opened in Microsoft Office to set up a mail merge.

Are applicants able to submit documentation after completing the initial application?

A:  Analysts will be able to set up a close date and final date for each recruitment.  If the final date is after the close date, this will allow additional time for the applicant to submit documents.  If these dates are the same the applicant will not be allowed to submit additional documentation. These dates are to be determined by the search committee chair.