Digital Measures

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Digital Measures (DM) is a web-based application designed to store information normally contained in a traditional Curriculum Vitae or Bio-Summary.

The advantage to storing and organizing information with Digital Measures is it becomes versatile in the ways it can be searched, formatted and presented in order to match different needs, styles and requirements. Digital Measures saves valuable time for faculty members and administrative staff by eliminating the need to gather information from multiple sources to develop review materials and various reports. Once information is entered, reports can be generated immediately by anyone who has designated access to the reports. Reports can be prepared in any format or configuration.

At UC Merced, Digital Measures utilizes Shibboleth® single sign-on software. Faculty members are able to login to Digital Measures by using their standard UCMNetID and password. An individual profile may be accessed at any time and from any location, as long as the faculty member has an Internet connection.