Additional Titles

Non-Senate Faculty (NSF) Lecturers

Non-Senate Faculty (Lecturers) should review the collective bargaining agreement for specific information regarding leave benefits.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral Scholars should review the collective bargaining agreement for specific information regarding paid time off (PTO) and leave benefits.

General Summary:  Twenty-four (24) days of PTO are granted on the first day of appointment.  PTO must be used within the appointment year, not the calendar year.  If there is unused PTO at the end of the appointment it does not carry forward.  On the first day of the next appointment year another 24 days of PTO are given.  In addition to personal time off, postdocs may also take all of the official administrative holidays published in the University's academic calendar.  Leaves of absence may be with or without pay, may be for medical purposes and/or non-medical reasons.  PTO and/or a leave of absence requires advance approval of the University.

Graduate Student Researchers (GSR)

A GSR may request leave as provided in the Graduates Student Leave of Absence Policy.

A leave request should be submitted as soon as the need for leave becomes known, whenever possible at least thirty (30) days in advance of the start date, but not less than one (1) working day in advance of the commencement of the leave unless the leave is for an unanticipated personal or family illness.  All requests for leave shall be submitted to the GSR's supervising faculty member for review and signature prior to being forwarded to the appropriate school dean for approval and submission to the Academic Personnel Office.  Upon request the GSR will be required to provide appropriate documentation to support the request, including certification from a medical provider.  No period of leave will extend beyond the GSR/s appointment period.  

Academic Student Employees (ASEs)

ASEs (Teaching Assistant, Teaching Fellow, Tutor) are eligible for leave in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.