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Additional Titles

Academic Coordinators

Duties include administering academic program(s) and providing service that is closely related to the teaching and/or research mission of the University.

The rank and step held is dependent on the program scope and a job description is required. The criteria reviewed for appointments include:

  • Program complexity, size and/or scope of the program
  • Degree of independence and reporting relationships
  • Degree of involvement in either generating or coordinating funds, or both
  • Degree of professional accomplishment and/or scholarly contributions needed to discharge responsibilities.
  • Impact on campus mission


Researcher titles include those in the following series: Professional Researcher, Project Scientist, and Specialist. The criteria that distinguish appointments in these series from others include:

  • No teaching responsibilities
  • Non-student appointments
  • Appointments are temporary and include an end date

Each of these series includes a different level of responsibility. The duties of a Professional Researcher will include independent research equivalent to that required for the Professor series. A Project Scientist will perform a research support role, making significant and creative contributions to a research or creative project. Individuals holding a position in the Specialist series are individuals with a technical specialization or specialized expertise.

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Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars are important part of research for UC Merced. Visitors for other universities, both nationally and internationally, provide an opportunity for academic exchange and collaboration between our faculty and students.

A visiting scholar is a person on leave from an academic appointment, other employment, or student enrollment at a home institution or other entity. They may be appointed as a visitor to the University of California to participate in a short-term educational, research, or other academic project under the supervision of an academic appointee. A visitor shall be designated, as appropriate, as a Visiting Scholar, Visitor (Graduate Student), or Visitor (Undergraduate).

Please see your school or ORU's Academic Personnel staff member for additional assistance. More information is posted online.