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Pre-Six Mentoring Meeting Guidelines & Templates

Pre-Six Mentoring Meeting Guidelines

1. At the beginning of the ninth (9th) quarter or sixth (6th) semester of service of a pre-six NSF, an email (the template is below) should be sent to the NSF to schedule the mentoring meeting. 

  • If the NSF declines the mentoring meeting, the form below should be filled out reflecting the date the NSF declined the meeting and attaching the NSF’s declination in writing.  The completed form and the attachment should be placed in the NSF’s personnel file. 
  • The mentoring meeting should be scheduled for a time when you know the NSF is not teaching or holding office hours.
  • If the mentoring meeting is scheduled and either party postpones the scheduled meeting, the party who postponed is responsible for rescheduling the meeting within 30 calendar days of the postponement.  If the NSF is the party who postpones and does not attempt to reschedule, there is no obligation to follow-up with the NSF.      

2. The Chair or Designee should conduct the mentoring meeting with the pre-six NSF.  The meeting will be in the form of a mentoring conversation. 

  • The Chair or Designee should provide verbal feedback based on the NSF’s performance of assigned duties from the most recent six (6) quarters or four (4) semesters of previous work. 
  • The Chair or Designee may rely on student evaluations, classroom visits, and syllabi and examples of instructional materials to form the basis of the mentoring conversation.
    • If the NSF brings in additional materials other than the materials listed above, the Chair or Designee has no obligation to examine any of the additional materials in providing the feedback.
    • Mentoring feedback given during the mentoring conversation shall not be considered in a reappointment decision or excellence review.  For example, the underlying materials relied upon during the mentoring meeting, such as student evaluations, classroom visits, etc. can also be considered during a reappointment decision or excellence review.  However, during the reappointment decision or excellence review, any of the feedback given to the NSF during the mentoring conversation should not be considered, cited to, or relied upon as a reason for not reappointing or not finding excellence.      

3. The form below should be used for documenting the occurrence of the mentoring meeting and shall be signed by the NSF and the Chair or Designee, a copy given to the NSF, and the original placed in the NSF’s personnel file. 

  • This should be the only document reflecting the mentoring meeting that is placed in the NSF’s personnel file.
  • The Chair or Designee should not prepare a written summary or follow-up by email regarding the mentoring conversation.  The feedback provided is for mentoring purposes only.

Mentoring Meeting Guidelines

Mentoring Meeting Form

Mentoring Meeting e-mail template