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UC Merced landscape, Science and Engineering 2 Building

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Due to COVID staff are currently working remotely until further notice. 
The best form of communication is email.  Thank you.  
Tom Hansford

Interim Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

Anna Song
Interim Associate Vice Provost for
the Faculty
               Julie Fritz
               Interim Assistant Vice Provost for
               Academic Personnel 
Sherry Coane
Senior Academic Personnel Analyst      
School of Engineering
P: 209-228-4002
               Christine Lima
               Academic Personnel Analyst
               P: 209-228-4425
Esmeralda Martinez
Senior Academic Personnel Analyst
Academic Leaves & Recruitments
P: 209-228-4615
               Pam Moody
               Senior Academic Personnel Analyst
               School of Social Sciences, Humanities,
               and Arts
               P: 209-228-7644
Annie Saetern
Case Manager and Academic
Personnel Analyst
               Julie Rolfe
               Academic Personnel Analyst
               P: 209-228-4220
Liz Soria
Academic Personnel and Systems Manager
Senior Academic Personnel Analyst
School of Natural Sciences
P: 209-228-5500
               Christian Walker
               Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost    
               P: (209) 308-3029


Kimberly Yanogacio
Academic Personnel Analyst,
Unit 18 Lecturers, Academic 
Student Employees    
P: (209) 228-4003
               Academic Personnel & Business
               Systems Analyst