Multi-Location Appointments and One Time Payments

Multi-Location Appointments

A multi-location appointment (MLA) occurs when an employee is simultaneously employed by two or more UC campus/locations.

The campus where the employee holds his/her primary employment is the HOME location.

The campus that appoints the employee on an additional basis is the HOST location.

An employee may only receive payment from one UC location, but may be paid on behalf of another UC campus using a MLA form.

For questions regarding the MLA process, please contact Rose Salazar at or call 209-228-4003.

Multi-Location Agreement Form


Intercampus One-Time Payments

The intercampus one-time payment for *UPAY 644-C-T) is used when UC Merced (Host) wants to issue a one-time payment (honoraria, etc.) to a faculty member from another (Home) UC campus/location.

For questions regarding the one-time payment process, please contact Rose Salazar at or at 209-228-4003.

Intercampus One-Time Payment Form