UC Merced landscape, Science and Engineering 2 Building

Academic Personnel

Kelly Anders

Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
P: 209-228-4363

Sherry Coane
Academic Personnel Analyst, School of Engineering
P: 209-228-4002
Kimberly Yanogacio
Academic Personnel Analyst, Unit 18 Lecturers, Academic Student Employees
P: (209) 228-4003
Pam Moody
Academic Personnel Analyst, School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts
P: 209-228-7644
Julie Rolfe
Academic Personnel Analyst
P: 209-228-4220
Elizabeth Soria
Academic Personnel Analyst, School of Natural Sciences
P: 209-228-5500
Cecy Martinez
Administrative Assistant
P: 209-228-7948
Esmeralda Martinez
Academic Recruitment and Faculty Development Analyst
P: 209-228-4615
Senior Business Systems Analyst
P: 209-228-2243